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bismillah2 copy

Surah Yunus 1 to 109

  • [10:3 & 31] Allah established Himself above the Throne arranging all the matters of the entire creation, that means that He manages the affairs of every single thing out there, be it the skies, earth, animals, insects, birds, humans or the unborn in the bellies of all females. We have to trust in Him, in His Decisions for us as He is Al Mudabbir [Arranger and Planner of all affairs]. He is able to manage all our matters, perfectly, SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi.
  • [10:4] Know that the Day of Judgement is there to establish justice for each one of us.
  • [10:6] When you see the evening fall, and days and nights altering, remember Allah.
  • [10:7] No belief in the meeting of Allah, all focus toward enjoying Dunya and heedlessness towards Qur’an and its rulings…this is the attitude of the people of hellfire. May Allah protect us…

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