The First Fourteen Days Of My Ramadan A Brief Mention 

Well ramadan has started and its going good I guess this is my second time fasting during ramadan ,

To be honest it has been hard on me let me explain it, matters not that I go without food it is the no drinking from farj prayer till marbib prayer that I have the most trouble with.

Normally when not fasting I chug water all day long , once I kept track of just how much water I drank during a 24 hour period and it was over 2.5 gallons this is not factoring in tea, coffee or any other type of liqiuds .
Ramadan started off with a series of bangs thats how they let everyone know here in morocco, I fasted the first two days then aunt flo arrived after iftar of the second day of fasting.

For  the next 7 days I didn’t fast but I helped out in other ways I helped cook foods chased children and washed clothes as well as tons of dishes .

I still wash the dishes whenever I find them you would believe how fast the dishes pile up.

I have been trying to read the Qur’an now that I am ovear aunt flo.​ It is slow going but in sha Allah I will finish it .

Today we made zemata a type of moroccan dessert it is yummy but very tiring to make .

The first 14 days of Ramadan have already passed and so far what I have learned is when its the hottest part oF the day try to nap or at least lay still under a fan .

After fast has been broken start drinking alot of water eat high protien meals soups and watermelon to help hydrate you .

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