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Surah Al Anfal Ayahs 41 to 75

  • [8:41] Wealth should be distributed according to the rules set by Allah. Whether it’s booty or any kind of wealth it all belongs to Allah. A fifth share is assigned to Allah, and to the Messenger and remaining four are for mujahideen.
  • [8:43-45] Seek Allah’s help, be patient and steadfast during difficulties. Sometimes there is khair in them. The problem usually is huge but Allah lessens its effect on His servant so that he can deal with it according his capability. Remember Allah with dua and tasbeeh when you fear people or situations. Stay away from mutual disputes.
  • [8:48] Sometimes we feel so “good” and strong and we feel like no one or no hardship can overcome us – this is from shaytan who is trying to make you forget about Allah. Always know you are completely dependent…

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