Alhuda, The Quran Club

  •  Obligation of promises to keep – we have been addressed as believers to fulfill our promises we make. Do not commit, if you can’t keep it.   Al-Maidah -1
  • Do not be close friends with Jews & Christians, its human nature to get influenced by his friends. We should keep check on our children’s company.   Al-Maidah -51
  • A believer should have friendship with Allah subhana’ watalah and Rasullullah sallulaho copy and then comes momineen who establish salah and pay zakah. This standarnd of alliance is set by Allah subhana’ watalah.   Al-Maidah 55
  • Dying on shirk, is unforgiveable crime (Sin) – and its torment is hell fire.  Al-Maidah 73

May Allahsubhana’ watalah protect us from hidden & open shirk. Ameen !!

Shared By: Sr Uzma Hussain

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