Is it permissible to continue drinking/eating during Fajr Adhaan in Ramadhan?

Seekers of Knowledge

Q) During Ramadan, can a person continue to drink or eat from what is in their hand upon the Athaan or commencement of Fajr/Subuh?

A) If at the time of Suhoor (the Pre-Dawn meal) a person is already drinking and the Athaan is sounded or the time of Fajr commences, then he can continue in light of the following hadith.

Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said:

“If any of you hear the call for Fajr, and in your hand is a vessel, don’t put it down until you finish taking what you need from it.”
(Sunan Abu Dawud and graded as being Hasan Saheeh by Sheikh Al-Albani)

What is understood from this hadith is that if a person was ALREADY drinking before the athaan and there is some drink in his mouth, he can consume or swallow it. Moreover, he can drink what is left in his glass…

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