Dessert Idea For Iftar: Mixed Fruit Trifle

Random Bytes From Life

fruit trifle, jelly, dessert, iftar ideaToday for after Iftar, I have made this delightful dessert called the Mixed Fruit Trifle. It didn’t take long to make this as most of the ingredients were ready made purchased from the supermarket, except for the vanilla custard that I had to prepare especially for this. I am sharing with you the recipe here. What you will need: Sponge cake 3 slices A tin of Fruit Cocktail 1/2 For Custard: Milk 1/2 litre Sugar 2- 3 tbsp Vanilla Custard Packet 1 pack (for 1/2 litre milk) What you will do: 1. Take a cup or bowl or any tray you want to set your trifle in. 2. Cut the slices into small pieces and lay them at the bottom of the tray. 3. Open the tin and first with the help of the spoon, pour some juice from inside it over the cake to soften it. Next put some…

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