Take the Suhoôr and Intention for fasting …. Information need to have to avoid making things difficult for you

Authentic Knowledge from Quran & Sunnah

RasooAllah (sallAllahu ‘alyhi wasallam) said:“The difference between our fasting and that of the people of the book is taking the meal of suhoor.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Even taking a cup of water instead of a meal for suhoor has blessing in it, too.
Al-Bukhaari (1921) narrated from Anas that Zayd ibn Thaabit said: “We ate suhoor with the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alyhi wasallam), then he stood up to pray.” I [Anas] said: “How long was there between the adhaan and suhoor?” He said: “As long as it takes to recite FIFTY verses.”
So to fast in Ramadhaan, it is obligatory to make the intention during the night sometime before the arrival of Fajr of the day being intended to fast. A Muslim’s rising up from sleep in the last part of the night and eating the sahoor is an indication of the presence of the intention. It is not required that a…

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