Ramadan is Close!

The Secret Hijabi

Oh yes! I can feel Ramadan approaching.

My heart is racing and I want to jump with joy. The best time of the year, my most favourite time of the year is close and fast approaching. Insha’allah I pray that we all reach Ramadan and are able to offer our fasts for the sake of Allah, May He (swt) cleanse us, forgive us and make us better Muslims, Ameen!

I really want Ramadan to come and wash away all that has happened. I desperately want to be happy once more and I know Ramadan will help me, as it always does. Most see my blog and notice there was a Ramadan 2013, but no 2014, so what happened? Well lets just say Ramadan 2014 was unfortunately right in the middle of the mayhem that occurred. While it definitely helped pick my spirits up, strengthen my marriage and help me cope…

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