5 Ways to Bounce Back After Saying the Wrong Thing

Therese J. Borchard

Head in HandsI didn’t earn the nickname “Tourettes” for my great small-talk skills. If there is a way to accidentally offend someone, I will find it. Here are some of my favorites:

When I took my daughter Katherine, whom my husband and I named after my grandmother and my great grandmother, two very strong women in our family tree whom I wanted to celebrate in my girl’s name, to meet her third-grade teacher, the teacher asked her, “What would you like to be called?”

She responded, “Katie.”

Taken aback, I immediately retorted, “No! No, no, no! … You don’t want to be called Katie! … Katherine is so much more sophisticated.” I went on and on why she should not be called Katie. (I do like the name Katie for every Katie who is reading this, but I was attached to Katherine for heritage reasons.)

What I didn’t realize is that the teacher’s…

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When I Think Of You

It's All About HOPE!!!

When I Think Of You


From you I’ve learned

How to smile through the rain

To take the good with the bad

The peace along with the pain


In you I see

A beauty in your face

There’s a kindness in your smile

And a life so full of grace


The storms have come

You’ve met them all head on

Not one time did you back down

When others would turn and run


I see a strength

Like I’ve never seen before

Reaching down into your soul

Strength from deep within your core


Each day I look

I see patience in your eyes

Playing the cards you’ve been dealt

With the wisdom of the wise


From you I’ve learned

A peace just like a dove

And I’m praying that you know

Of my care and of my love

-mark visscher 2015

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