What Kind of Professionals Can Be Depressed?

Therese J. Borchard

What-Kind-of-Professionals-Can-Be-Depressed-RM-722x406-1The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 last week has raised questions about who is mentally fit to fly a plane. Obviously, there needs to be some revisions to the present policies abroad in response to the tragedy of 150 lives. I mourn for all the families and send my prayers to them. However, in reading pieces about the new possible regulations to be put in place, I fear the industry will become like the legal sector, where strict procedures to maintain mental-health fitness has discouraged both law students and established attorneys from getting the help they need for a mood disorder.

“In some states, law students who report that they have a mental health condition as part of the character and fitness investigation may be precluded from passing the bar,” Timothy Clement, MPH, Scattergood Fellow on Stigma Reduction, told me today. “In many other states the student will have to…

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