Fasting and Beyond: The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting


As Ramadan is drawing near, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my followers on how to stay healthy and fit during Ramadan. While this is a great question and one I plan on and am excited to answer, I want to first focus on the benefits of fasting. We must first understand what fasting actually is and does, before we can develop our knowledge on how to fast. If you think about it, fasting is a very basic and natural concept; we fast every night while we sleep. Our bodies are designed to fast. Intermittent fasting, is a period of abstaining from food, and sometimes drink, for certain periods throughout the day. The fasting usually lasts somewhere between 12-24 hours. As Muslims, our fasting consists of complete abstinence from food and drink from dusk until dawn. The benefits of fasting are bountiful and reach far beyond the…

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