Lost in a Sea of Emotions..

Escaping Life's Shackles

It feels as if we’re a puzzle but there’s still a missing piece. Step by step we gather pieces, but the final one we cannot find. We cannot find it here, not in this world. We cannot find full peace and contentment here. This world isn’t for me, it isn’t for us.

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Feeling of depressed mind rambles on

waiting patiently within these walls 

mind numbly bored hopeless drowning in utter despair 

depressingly  desperate despair washed over me again underneath 

this mask of uncertainty can’t even breath heartache head ache body pains 

foggy minds lossing sleep again its obsolete, underneath my masquerade 

of indifference surrounding myself in nothingness

when will these feelings go away?​ 

where is the light wonder of life and magical 

sunshine of happiness,