Identifying Some Underlying Causes of Depression: An Interview With Integrative Doctor Alan Weiss

Therese J. Borchard

Alan Weiss cropLast year, I was seeing four different doctors: a psychiatrist for my mood disorder; an endocrinologist for my pituitary tumor and thyroid issues; a cardiologist for my aortic valve regurgitation; and a primary care physician for some digestive problems and fungus growth.

I suspected that all of my health problems were connected but most of the doctors were uncomfortable looking beyond their specialties to achieve a systemic, balanced perspective of how the conditions were related. For example, when I asked my endocrinologist about the mood effects of too much prolactin (a hormone produced by the tumor), she told me to ask my psychiatrist. When I asked my primary care physician if my digestive problems could be related to my depression, she looked very confused. I searched for an integrative doctor who could piece together all of my broken parts and help me determine some underlying causes for all of the ailments. After…

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