Alabaster Dreams

Alabaster Dreams

in the transparent black night,
my pumpkin drives away
over hills and out of sight
off into the distance

in these timeless moments,
my glass slipper shatters
splinters and shatters
into a million shards

though the dancing was divine,
the ball is over now
and the clock has chimed a dozen times:
the enchantment has gone

yet susurrus of hope, like waves in a seashell
waft leisurely through the air
for i know
my fairy godmother will come again

Depression rant 

I dislike it when people say oh you’ll be depressed where ever you live , well that might be true because I have a mood disorder my brain is wired differently just because I get upset about a issue doesn’t mean it’s my mood I can be upset and feel without it affecting my current mood .

Belittling how I feel at the moment doesn’t help me it just frustrates and annoys me.

Telling me I can’t do something because I have bipolar or depression or whatever label you want to call it isn’t fair to me as a person 

Would you tell a person with a medical problem to stick it out without treatment? Or that living somewhere that makes them truly unhappy is healthy for them? 

I dislike having bipolar it is hard and exhausting , you never know when your mood will change sometimes it changes for no reason at all. Other times there are indicators that your mood is changing sometimes you never even see it at all.

The bored  can make you feel more depressed nobody understands this like I do.