Depression Rears 

I haven’t been writing 

have had writers block on top of feeling 

hopelesly deeply depressed

I despair being deeply depressed it distresses me

I wouldn’t  want anyone to have to suffer through this dark tunnel filled with various shades of velvety grays of foggy mindnumbing depression 

that deprives of all other emotions 

like being stucked into a vortex without a way out.


2 thoughts on “Depression Rears 

  1. Depression is very hard and devastating to life. It is actually the opposite, death. It is a suffering living death. But the most important and vital matter about depression is it takes one thought & one action to change something or someone.
    Its vital when depression hits, not to let all the pieces fall. Just image you fell apart and there you are picking pieces of yourself to reconstruct yourself. Don’t let that happen, you probably don’t deserve that as much as you think you do. So when depression hits move yourself to watch something funny, do something crazy like screaming and jumping around, plan a future, draw it even, all you like, take care of yourself bath, feel good. Because what else is there to if not live and appreciate all these years, then lie down and them age us and stripped us of all there is to live and smile about? 🙂 i hope you feel much better,because you deserve to. If you need anything, let me know. I hope the best for you.

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