Prayer of strength

I am forever stuggling with faith

I pray for strength, to make me calm and stronger 

My mind wanders far from me 

I lose my words and scramble the words together, 

I pray to Allah for strength  and understanding 

I  alone in my faith like a outcast

I dont really fit in anywere 

I drifted alone aimlessly, 

I  accept Islam and believe in it with all my heart

I  no friends I’m the forgotten one

I am invisible even in my own home

I sit alone in my room never included in  discisions 

I am a afterthought 

I pray to Allah to ease my loneliness and give me strength


One thought on “Prayer of strength

  1. Assalamualaikum sister. If people ignore you because of your faith then it’s not your fault. They are the ones doing wrong. They might have everything in this world but what use is any of it if they’re not working towardsthe hereafter? On the contrary, although you feel lonely, you’re blessed with faith and love for Allah which is above everything else in this world. Nice poem! Jazak Allah khair.

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