My First Trip to the Public Bath House

To The Curious Minded

Ready to drop all shame? No point in being modest at the hammam, or Turkish-style public bath house, where all from young to old, rich to poor, bathe together, and let it all hang lose. In public. Thats right, all.

While Western-style showers are becoming more common and available in Moroccan homes, the traditional way to bathe is at the local hammam once a week, where you sit and chat with neighbors and friends for hours while scrubbing away the weeks’ worth of filth.

Initially, I was very nervous about my first trip to the hammam. I have to be naked?! With people I know? And that I don’t know?! For Westerners, nudity and bathing are such private experiences that this was a very daunting thing. So, here goes.

So, first you gather up all of your hammam supplies. A little plastic stool to sit on, a kes

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