When I say I am Muslim

When I say
When I say

I am a Muslim
I am not shouting “down with Christians and Jews.”
I am whispering, “I seek peace”

And Islam is the path that I choose.
When I say I am a Muslim
I speak this with pride.
And confess that sometimes I stumble,
And I need Allah to be my guide.
When I say I am a Muslim
I know this makes me strong.
And in those times when I am weak,
I pray to Allah for strength to carry on.
When I say I am a Muslim
I am not boasting of success.
I’m acknowledging that Allah has rescued me,
And I cannot ever repay the debt.
When I say I am a Muslim

I am not claiming tobe perfect.
My flaws are indeed visible,
But Allah forgives because His followers are worth it.
When I say I am a Muslim
It does not mean I will never feel pain.
I still have my share of heartaches,
Which is why I invoke Allah’s name.
When I say I am a Muslim
I do not wish to judge.
I have no such authority,
My duty is to submit to Allah’s All-Encompassing love.

Things to remember if you’re feeling lonely

So true thanks for sharing

A Heart's Echoes

It’s easy to find yourself in a downward spiral when every time your aunties see you they quack about how you need to get married, or when your work colleague rudely mentions about your biological clock (which by the way, is NONE of their business!) or when getting your facebook friends show off their honeymoon, anniversary and first/second/third baby pictures. But here’s the thing:

1) Nobody’s going to save you. The problem happens when people sit and think that someone out there is going to somehow save them and make them happy but that’s just seeking happiness from an external source, which could – or could not – work out. Why give an external factor that much power? Such an attitude leads to anxiety and insecurity. The best way to counter that is to practice self-love and understand that you are enough as you are, with or without someone.

2) A lot of…

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The silent struggle of being depressed and trying to follow your faith.

I didn’t sleep well last night I didn’t sleep much at all in fact I cried silently as the tears dripped into my ear,it is loneliest at nighttime when all others are asleep and your brain is to awake to sleep but to tired to watch movies or read a book ,that is when the thoughts of doubt and what ifs and if only’ s creep in and steal your peace and quiet ,
Peace and quiet not sure how to get that if only’s and doubts to stop creeping in while I’m trying to sleep.
I long for serenity and calm but I never find it.
Been having trouble concentrating while doing prayers my mind seems to wander quite a bit not sure how to remedy this situation
Is there a way to quiet all the clutter in my brain or is it just a it just a hopeless dream?
I feel like I have struggled all my life with one thing or another.
Right now it seems I am struggling with my faith and trying to fulfill my obligations of prayer.

Is there a way to quiet all the clutter in my brain or is it just a it just a hopeless dream?
I feel like I have struggled all my life with one thing or another.
Right now it seems I am struggling with my faith and trying to fulfill my obligations of prayer.
What is hardest for me is trying to seek help because everyone just says all pray more but they don’t explain how to get therefore I always feel lost and alone.
There are no guidebooks that I have found , I have been searching for ways to take steps to ensure you’re on praying time . Does religion and faith comes easy to some people and it’s harder for other people?

What I have been doing to remedy the battle with depression is I force myself to do my prayers, some days I am better than other days some days doing the prayers comes easily and other days I have to fight with myself it is hard to keep your mind on one thing when everything seems to be swirling around I dislike having word salad in my brain it is annoying and so hard to remedy it makes learning new things very hard, but I keep trying to learn new things everyday.
All I do now is struggle to do my prayers and make dua to Allah to increase my eman and give me saber to deal with the


Why Is Life So Hard?

Therese J. Borchard

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast time I wrote a blog like this, I was called a “whiny, white woman,” but I’m not going to let that stop me from spouting off again.

Having just seen the movie, “Unbroken,” I really feel like I can’t complain. I don’t have some bastard tormenting every day for giggles in a POW camp. I don’t have to decide which is worse (from a life raft on which I’ve been existing for over a month): the planes above shooting at me or the sharks below my raft that want to eat me.

I live in a country where I don’t have to cover my face and walk behind my husband. I am confident that I will eat again in a few hours and the meal will include more than rice. I can trust that my kids are safe at school—that is, the few days the school is actually open–and…

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5 Strategies for Reading and Watching the News When You Are Depressed

Therese J. Borchard

blog.backupify.comThe Ebola crisis.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.


It doesn’t take much these days to arrive at a panicked state. Not if you stay abreast of news headlines.

Nine years ago, when I had my first mental health breakdown, I realized that my psyche was way too fragile to absorb detailed updates about the turmoil in Gaza or the whereabouts of bin Laden. I didn’t want to be completely ignorant of what was going on around the world, but I needed to find a way to inform myself of the big picture stuff without losing my heart in minutiae.

I needed a strategy, because as a highly-sensitive person (as diagnosed by Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person) and a person prone to panic and depression, processing all the negativity could certainly bring me down, not just for an hour or two, but for months or even years. I…

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10 Nutritional Deficiencies That May Cause Depression

Therese J. Borchard

bakingdom.comI’m not sure why more psychiatrists don’t first test for nutritional deficiencies before dispensing Zoloft or Prozac, and especially antipsychotics like Seroquel and Zyprexa. The good ones will send you to get lab work done before upping your meds or adjusting anything. Sometimes we do need antidepressants. But other times we need spinach—think of Popeye.

In addition to seeing a psychiatrist regularly, I now work with an integrative health physician who tests my nutrition levels every year. If you haven’t ever tested your levels, you might inquire with either your psychiatrist or primary-care physician. The supplements can be expensive, but you can make it back twice or three-times fold by not having to see your psychiatrist as often.

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

I was surprised when my results showed an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency because I eat plenty of salmon and take fish oil supplements every day. That shows you…

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