Writers block can’t get my thoughts organized

As Salam Alikum Readers
I haven’t been writing as I have writers block sorry inshallah it will end soon
I haven’t felt like writing at all usually like to write but it seems like I have writers block
Also typing really really brings wrist pain why is my body is falling a part I have aches and pains and I feel older than my years I am using dictation thingy but I don’t really think it works that well can’t understand me or maybe I am not enunciating clearly I was never really good with words I don’t think but everyone else seems to think I would write a great story but-its hard it’s very very hard
Writing down my thoughts has always been a struggle even when I can get them on paper I can’t get them to sound the way they sound in my head why is that so hard why is writing hard do all-writers struggle or is it easier for some writers but not for others?
What do writers do when they get writers block?
Do they scribble every random thought they have on paper is that how you unblock your mind? All the pose has flown out of my poetry
All since have flown out of my words,
I do not know what to write?
This is my blog post for today, maybe next week I will find words and write something nice.