Why Success Often Starts With Failure

Therese J. Borchard

afraid to failEvery year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds a Fail Fest, where they celebrate a valuable lesson they learned while investing moneys into a loser organization that has absolutely bombed . According to this brilliant team, failure is chock full of wisdom—one of the most effective way to absorb key insights—so it’s best to sit down with that uncomfortable feeling for awhile and explore what went wrong.

I have always loved stories of failure–much more than tales of success.

Because nothing has ever come easily to me.

I am not the typical writer who sailed through English 101 and devoured “The Great Gatspy” as a teen. My eighth-grade English teacher did wonders for my self-confidence when she read aloud my paper to the class as an example of how NOT to write. My decoding skills were so horrific (as tested and reported by a psychologist that my mom…

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