I see your puppy dog eyes, they are buried
in my vision. No one can take that away.
Your smile which used to bring me so much
joy is still imbedded in my mind, heart,
and soul. I twisted your dreads only to
realize that I had no skills whatsoever to
even attempt to do that. But you allowed me
too. Your teeth, your tummy, and your feet.
Please, the memories are still vivid. No
one can change those memories. They are
forever a part of me. The love that I once
felt could never be replaced, years later
finding out that it never could. We bought
so much pain into each other’s life. I’m
sad for the choices that I made. I wish I
knew what I had back then. I’m sorry for
ever causing you any pain and I hope the
feeling is mutual. You were an angel for
me at times. I couldn’t fully return that
for you because I didn’t know how.

poem 555

Life moves on days go by and all I do is cry
in the morning I awake my face stained with tears
my sheets drenched with tears
all I feel is pain and despair
I call at for my children only they are not there
then I remember that my ex has stolen them away
the courts gave them to him on the 23rd of January since then it has been like a living nightmare only I can’t awake from it
I pray to Allah every day and night to keep them safe and bring them home soon

This poem was written in 2006 of January when my ex husband got awarded custody of my 2 eldest children)