Sister you frighten me,
entering the gates to this garden,
I wanted to lock the door
and guard this garden I tended.
Oh Sister, your innocent eyes
knows not my passion
Hidden beneath the soil I tend.
You have brought a new fruit
to this garden,
To me, and I see this flower
to grown there.
Where I share my fruit.
Sister, you have brought me
far beyond where I ever believed to be,
Closer to the One
I have been striving to see, Allah
subhana wa ta allah.
Sister, you scare me too,
I let go of the darkness
in my soul, to open the gates to this garden.
Help me Sister, to see
The things that hinder me,
That keep me from being what I want to be.
Help me Sister,
To open the boundaries of this garden,
And tend to the fruit that growns there.
Let me open my heart,
Allah commands me,
Let me free myself from
the chains of emotion,
And fly to be closer to my Lord,
and to this garden.
Then Sister, take care of me,
When I lay down in time,
And tend to my garden where I lie.