On MLK, Jr. Day: I, Too, Have a Dream

Yes I too have a dream

Therese J. Borchard

MLK Day.jpgSome of you may recognize my dream, but I like to repost it every now and then to keep it alive and give it legs.


In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.:

I have a dream that one day I won’t hold my breath every time I tell a person that I suffer from bipolar disorder, that I won’t feel shameful in confessing my mental illness.

I have a dream that people won’t feel the need to applaud me for my courage on writing and speaking publicly about my disease, because the diagnosis of depression and bipolar disorder would be understood no differently than that of diabetes, arthritis, or dementia.

I have a dream that the research into genetics of mood disorders will continue to pinpoint specific genes that may predispose individuals and families to depression and bipolar disorder (like the gene G72/G30, located on chromosome 13q), just as…

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The River

The River

One day I saw
My own face on my wall;
It looked like a girl from the streets.

I remember that fall
My own face on my wall,
A vision of faith and defeat.

But the river still runs under me.

Someday I’ll find that love somewhere,
and that someday,
I’ll be right next to you.