I fight to hide the tears
I battle the fears
Daily I struggle to understand
Why is this happening
It seems my life is a mess
Nothing makes sense
Nothing ever goes as planned
I don’t know what to do about the stress

My love’s kept a secert

Between two hearts
no one knows but us too
You feel the desire
Its burning stronger by the minute
My body yearns for your touch
heart crying in pain of being unable to touch
Your pain of not kissing you hugging and holding you
the secret love is strong between us
But we can’t show it
There are those who will not understand how we meet and grew so close
Sometimes I feel you here with me and I reach out to touch you
Only to wake from my wonderful dreams of you
Someday dear we’ll be together always and forever happily in lovers land
Till then we have our secret love no one but us can touch

(wrote this poem when I was in my early 20’s)