how I have been feeling

I haven’t been blogging or even writting for that matter to be completely honest I have been struggling with the depression .

Nothing helps it I have tried medications , excise , Prayer keeping busy but it just sneaks up and pounces on me some days are better than others but as of late I have been really feeling just blah and pain actualy physical pain not sure as to why I feel this way nothing has really changed it is like carrying around a big bag of rocks it is heavy and hurts but I can’t seem to lose the rocks , I can’t really sleep and when I do sleep I have weird and disjointed dreams I feel disconnected from life and have no appeite for food it is to the point that I have to force myself to eat food .

No one in my family understands how I feel , I feel alone and isolated even when I am surrounded by people I feel like I am in a bubble and cannot connect depression is just exhausting I try and escape by watching old reruns of tv shows . I want to feel something other than sad , I have no goals or dreams anymore all I do is exist depression just hurts but I am the only one who feels itOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



As salam alikum readers

I would like to thank Sister  Eva Fatmawaty for the  liebster nomination for my blog dpressedmuslimah

Why do you love blogging?

it is just a natural part of writting for me

What is your primary job?


Have you gotten the benefits from blogging? If yes, please mention 2 of them!

it is a way for me to calm my brain and get my thoghts on paper so to speak

It is a way of recording my thoughts

What is your favorite place in your country that you have visited?

that’s a tough one have been to every state except two

Have you ever visited Indonesia?


Do you love nasheed (Islamic music)? Who is your favorite singer (munsheed)?

I don’t really listen to music

How do you get the ideas for your blog?

they usaully just pop into my head

Do you like sport? What is sport do you like?

I like to play soccer with my children it is fun to watch them chase and kick the ball

What place (city in this world) you wish to visit in the future (insha’Allah)? Why?

Mecca to see the holy land

What is your own language? Please translate this sentence “ I LOVE YOU FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH” into your own language! If you are an English speaker, please retype that sentence!


Do you feel hurt, if someone speaks very badly to you? Would you like to forgive him/her for Allah’s pleasure?

yes I feel hurt , I forgive for the sake of Allah

Here are my beautiful nominees:

Now, please answer my questions below

1.What is your primary job?
2.Why do you love blogging?
3. Is there anything that you’ve been wanting to write about since a long time but haven’t penned it down yet? If yes, then what is it about?
4.Have you ever visited Morocco
5. What country were you born in?
6. How many states in America have you visited ?
7. Your favourite food?
8. How many langaues do you speak and read?
9. Do you like to bake and cook? If yes What types of food?
10. What is the colour you wear the most?
11. Do you suffer from a mental illness? If yes what type ? How do you treat it ? Does treatment help?