I feel like they get caught in the door
Feelings ,I feel like not having them anymore
I look into the mirror and what do I see?
I see a face of confusion that’s the face of me
Feelings, I wish they would not exist
Feelings,I could make a whole list
It would be a list of pain sorrow and regret,
Hope that all of these feelings
I would forget
I wake up in the morning with no hope for today
I go to sleep at night hoping for a miracle will come my way

depression feels like this

Life goes on as usual but I go deeper and deeper into a fog
my eyes seem to have trouble focusing : I can no longer make out anything except
What lies directly in my path , as if the world were far away at the end of a long gray tube this is how depression feels I am tired ,tired beyond bearing yet sleep brings no relief to me

Take me

Take me to a place

Far away  from here

Where everything is perfect

No longer living in fear

Take me to a place that has never been found

Were you and I live happily

With no one else around

Waters made of crystals

Sand made of gold

Love everlasting

Our feelings unfold

Waves splash upon us

Replenishing our soul

This new place discovered

Can now be called our own

Dream away on the shore

never to leave

Take me to that place

where we’ll never be deceived