Losing the Fear of Taking Medication

Therese J. Borchard

policymed.comNine years ago I decided to wean off all my meds and take natural supplements instead.

One evening I was fixing a magnesium concoction, chatting with a friend. We were talking about my depression, and this new holistic route I was taking.

“You have everything you need inside you to get better,” she said.

Yeah, I suppose I do, I thought. I mean, why would God create you with some missing pieces?

A few months later my husband found me in our bedroom closet, in a fetal position, unable to move.

I was horribly depressed and hiding from the kids.

He begged me to change courses, to go to Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Clinic for a consultation.

I was stubborn and wouldn’t budge.

I was positive that I had everything within me that I needed to get better.

Then his voice cracked and he started crying.

“Please,” he begged me…

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Moods of BiPolar

Mood burning very bright
I can’t think about what is right
Nor can I think about what is not
Judgment surely is shot.

Mood burning very dim
I can not manage to do much for him
sleep seems like the best escape
so I will crawl into my slumber cape.

Mood burning in the middle
I feel as though I am playing second fiddle
I am ready to scream at the top of my lungs
I have no patience for anyone.

Irritability is my middle name
I feel ready to burn up in flames
If someone pushes me over the edge
Be forewarned:

I will hit you with my sledge……
One thing at a time

12 Natural Supplements I Take Every Day for Depression

will be looking into these supplements

Therese J. Borchard

naturalremediesformenopause.netI hereby confess that it takes me a half hour each week to fill up my mammoth-sized pill container with the supplements and vitamins I take each week to give my brain every lift I can. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, it’s a pain in my arse, but I would rather spend my time organizing fish oil capsules than in front of a therapist explaining why I can’t shut off the negative intrusive thoughts. I’m doing much better today than I was seven months ago, the afternoon I first met with a holistic doctor to determine which supplements could help my depression. I was hoping that they would be able to replace my meds. Not at this point. But adding them to my meds has helped stabilize my mood since the beginning of the year.

There are so many brands out there. It’s hard to know if you’re paying big bucks…

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When You Find Yourself Broken…

The Muslimah Mommy


When you find yourself broken into a million pieces, take it as an opportunity to build yourself up in a way that you will never break again…

So, there you are. Fractured. With pieces of you in a shattered mess. Go on, and cry. Cry it out until you cannot cry anymore. Now stop. Gather yourself. Put yourself together and build yourself up so high that you won’t break again. It’s okay to crack, but promise yourself you won’t break again. Assemble yourself in such a way that when others look at you they will be in awe – they will be INSPIRED- Sumaira Zaheer © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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Bipolar poem

Star burning bright blinding me from reality and genuine insight.

No sleeping – too much
to do; feel, learn, see & express.

Why don’t you have as much energy as me? Everyone
talks so slow I seem to make them stress.

Don’t they know that I’m brighter, brighter,
brighter still? Senses heightened – what a thrill! SUPERNOVA –

Then darkness like a
black hole…time stands still BUT my mind races against my will.

Isolation starts to take
its toll. What is happening?

Have I lost my desire, my passion to live and love? I used to
be on fire!?

NOW leave me alone. I won’t even answer the phone. Lay in bed for days.
When will this end? Who cares about eating or anything else – sleep is my only REAL
friend. I’d like to be a regular girl but so unpredictable is my mood.

Wait out of the corner of my eye through the curtains I can barely make out a thin line. Is it a lie OR is
the sun actually starting to shine? Once again I’m so glad its not the end – the fire is

Why Compassion Is the Perfect Antidote for Depression

Therese J. Borchard

err on compassionThe best piece of marital advice I’ve ever heard came from an ex-priest, a kind and gentle man that has been married to his bride for longer than I’ve been alive.

“Always err on the side of compassion,” he told me when I called him up all upset one afternoon after my husband and I got into a fight.

I don’t even remember what the fight was about.

Something stupid.

But I remembered his advice and I’ve been trying to apply it not only to my marriage but to my life, in general.

In fact, it has become my mantra.

Always err on the side of compassion.

It sounds so easy, but is so difficult to execute.

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Salah Reminders

The Muslimah Mommy

The other day, I put some salah reminders into my iPad; in shaa Allah I’m hoping these reminders will prompt me to pray ON TIME! As a mother of three young children, I find myself getting ready for salah, and then just as I’m about to step onto the prayer mat, one of my kids starts crying. I usually have to calm my child down, and that leads to further distractions; because of this, I have programmed these salah reminders into my iPad to help remind me of prayer. Please note, I’am using these reminders in addition to the app that plays the Adhan, so these reminders will pop up on my iPad right before and just after the Adhan goes off. Down below are the reminders that I have made into images.

I have also put these images together into a collage, and use it as a background image…

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3 Quick Ways to Cultivate Hope

Therese J. Borchard

P2200022I’m not a mental health professional. I’m a hope builder. I feel like that, more than anything else I do on this earth, is my purpose. Because hope, when you really think about it, is the only thing you need to get better (besides lots of drugs, exercise, fish oil, probiotics, friends, self-help books, doctors, sleep, therapists, nutritionists, support groups, meditation, yoga, divine intervention, etc.). Once you stop believing in a better tomorrow, you’re in trouble.

But hope doesn’t happen in our sleep. It takes practice and patience. Here are a few ways I cultivate hope. Maybe they will fill up your hope tank, too.

1. Visualize a Healthy You

I mentioned this the other day in my blog “8 Steps to Like Yourself (More).” A psych nurse once instructed me to visualize myself all better. I pictured a very serene woman in a pink sundress, her hair up in…

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