The Ride of Moods

Twisting, turning, racing up and down
Like a ride that never stops
I don’t recall having bought the ticket
No matter, there’s no getting off

The blue ones are for calming me down
The green ones to pick me up
The pink ones because I just can’t sleep
There’s more if that’s not enough

This thing that effects me wherever I am
I pray it doesn’t show
This private Hell that cripples my mind
No chance of letting me go
Sometimes I gather all of my colors
Especially the white
Combined I know they’ll kill the noise
I’ve grown weary of the fight

But then I stop and look around
Such blessings that are mine
My man, my kids, my future hope
They pull me back in line

Although I’m not like I used to be
So many years ago
I’m learning to live with who I’ve become
This woman I’m getting to know