Bipolar poem

Star burning bright blinding me from reality and genuine insight.

No sleeping – too much
to do; feel, learn, see & express.

Why don’t you have as much energy as me? Everyone
talks so slow I seem to make them stress.

Don’t they know that I’m brighter, brighter,
brighter still? Senses heightened – what a thrill! SUPERNOVA –

Then darkness like a
black hole…time stands still BUT my mind races against my will.

Isolation starts to take
its toll. What is happening?

Have I lost my desire, my passion to live and love? I used to
be on fire!?

NOW leave me alone. I won’t even answer the phone. Lay in bed for days.
When will this end? Who cares about eating or anything else – sleep is my only REAL
friend. I’d like to be a regular girl but so unpredictable is my mood.

Wait out of the corner of my eye through the curtains I can barely make out a thin line. Is it a lie OR is
the sun actually starting to shine? Once again I’m so glad its not the end – the fire is

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