Days Go By

Days go by without hearing you mother…

Every night I gaze at the stars,

That lay peacefully upon the sky,

And wonder …

How Allah created Something that looks so small,

Yet shines so brightly,

From its distance…

I see you when I see that star, mother,

But I do recall a memory,

That has ran through my veins and pumps within my heart

Since the time,

Father whispered Allah’s Words during my infancy…

I do recall that night
When clouds blocked my gaze,
And Thunder had driven away
The soothing sounds of the leaves dancing together…
That sound still echoes through me,
And rumbles my nerves until I shiver,
I was nothing more than a child
To understand what happened
That very night,
But if your voice was not heard
To comfort my childhood fears,
Then doom has come forth to us all, dear mother…
The rain has now descended from your eyes,
I see this…
I see all of this, But why can’t I hear you mother?
Days go by without seeing you,
Long after I have prayed Fajr,
I watch the sun rise from Beneath the mighty hilltops,
Half of it is in my eyes,
But the other half is hidden
In some other world
That I would never understand,
I remember your smile when I see the sun,
But I do recall a memory
That has brought shame to my heart
The pain,
So extreme that it has scarred my body within…
Oh father,
I do recall that night
When lightening struck instead
And the wind screamed…
Screamed so loudly
That I sweat to this day,
My voice will always remain mute when I speak of this memory…
Yes, you were taken away from me,
By our enemies,
But your smile speaks otherwise…
And, yes,
I did scent Death lingering in the air,
But your smile speaks otherwise…
And, yes,
I begged for them to spare you,
But your smile speaks otherwise…
And, yes …
They did gather you among more men…
And formed a line,
That couldn’t end in my eyes,
Nor, to the rest of my people across the country…
Oh, but such fools they are…
For, they only created a Path for the men to,
Inshallah, enter Paradise…
Your smile remains…
Oh father,
I run towards the endless rows of men,
To free you from torment and despair,
But stumble upon rocks,
My flesh …
Ripped from my bones…
A path is formed,
As my blood runs down my body,
A path is formed,
As my tears drop to the ground,
And the ground,
Where my brother stand strongly…
Forms a Path…
My Destiny…
I search for you, father,
But notice your picture settled beside my legs,
Stained from my blood,
Damp from your tears,
And raise my head in sorrow, and walk…
As days turned into years,
I left from fear
But I was nothing more than a child to understand,
So tell me,
Would you still have smiled?

Days go by without happiness…

Oh father …

When you died I walked…

I walked until my blood became still,

And found myself looking at a desert,

This was once where our home stood,

Where you and mother once stood,

Where happiness once stood..

But evil destroyed it…

Their hearts are molted with lava…

That has dried because tears were not shed,

But Anger conquered it,

And turned their hearts into stone,

Have they no pain?

Oh, father,

You smiled until the last drop of blood settled onto the ground…

Haven’t you any pain?

My heart is shot,

My voice screams…



You recited until the last breath was exhaled into the air…

Haven’t you any pain?

My veins explode…

My eyes burst…

Oh mankind,

You hear what they have done,

And you see what they have done,

Yet you still disbelieve…

Haven’t you any pain?

Oh mankind,

You cherish what is beside you,

Instead of cherishing Allah and His Blessings

Yet you still disbelieve…

Haven’t you any pain?

When your children listen to the sound of thunder,

In the West,

They bury their faces into their mother’s chest, from fear,

And cry until the end..

But until the end,

We whisper Allah’s Words graciously in our hearts,

With nothing, but a rock in our hands,

When the sounds are heard…

Oh mankind, how can your ignorance blind you from what Allah has bestowed upon this land?

Did prophet Muhammad (S) not journey to this land at night from Mecca? And,


Arrive in Masjud-il-Aqsa under the same moon?

Did he then not ascend to the highest skies of the Heavens,

Where only the Best will be rewarded?

I sit here on the ground,

And stare at the sky,

This is my home,

The only home…

Sometimes I feel ashamed to even touch the dirt, in my home,

Because it has been touched by such purity in the past,

That is not known to mankind since that time,

And that has not been witnessed by mankind,

Since that time, But only written in words for our eyes to see,…

Oh ya Allah,

You are the Lord of this world and the Hereafter,

You are the Lord of the Unseen and Mankind,

You are the Lord of everything I see around me,

You are the Eternal,

And Most Merciful,

You are the Best in All,

You are my Lord,



Ya Allah,

Grant me my dreams…


Ya Allah,

Please let me suffer instead of having luxury,


Ya Allah,

Please grant us victory

And, please give me the courage of my parents,

Please only let me fear You,

Ya Rub

Don’t protect me from torture in this world,

But protect me in the Hereafter,

Please Ya Rub,

Let me die as my parents did,

Please let me fight my enemies for You,

And for victory of my people,

Ya Rub, please let me die by a sword,

With my mother’s voice in my mind,

My father’s smile on my face,

And Your Words in my heart,

Let my face glow that day,

As I fall to the ground,

Let my blood fall that day,

As seeds are spread on the earth,

Let my tears sprinkle that day,

As roses flourish the ground,

Let my soul rise that day,

As the petals fly by the wind’s Power,

And, please,

Oh Rahman,

Let Your Light welcome our faces,

Warmly, Ya Rub- ul- ‘Alamin… Ameen…


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