The Qura’an – the book of god.

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The Qura’an is a guide sent to us along with the Sunnah. Just take a moment and think about the Quran – a book written for us specifically, by Allah, our creator. Subhanallah. Allah knows what we need and when we need it. Within it’s pages are words of guidance, comfort, and solutions. We would be foolish to simply dismiss the quran. We should better ourselves and our understanding of the life around us by reading it, no just in Arabic, but In English, so we can understand the words and so we can beautify our hearts by pondering on the words and acting upon them.

You will come across times in your life where you will feel lost. You’ll feel like there’s no comfort and no hope. And when you feel like that, you know you need Allah more than anything. You need to seek patience through prayer and…

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