I have come to the conclusion that fighting the bipolar monster is pointless why even bother all I do is feel exhausted and alone no one truly understands how I feel or what it feels like this all is so pointless .
I feel like I am walking through thick dense fog and freak show mirrors where ever I turn everything is distorted then I fall into the quicksands of depression the more I struggle the worse it is .
My husband doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as depression and bipolar disorder he says it’s all in my head , he doesn’t support me and is not understanding as to what I am going through .
My friends have all drifted away I am all alone and it will probably always be that way , no one sees me no one hears me I am invisible I am nobody who are you? Are you a nobody like me or are you a somebody ?
Were do the somebodies stay ? Is it were the nobodies never go?
I walk through the shadow of the valley of desperation, doubt and fears more often than I care to think about it, drown you deeper into the abyss of seclusion, irrationality and depression if you continue holding on it will sink you forever.
I have no voice I am voiceless no one can hear my cries and screams I have always been voiceless .

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