Depression Monster is back

the depression monster is back this time he came creeping in on the back of pain and loneliness, how many times must I battle with this monster?
Some days there is no point in trying to battle all you can do is keep your head down and wait for the monster to retreat . I feel osculate like I am of no use , medications don’t help keep the monster away all they bring is their own set of problems , why is my brain so messed up ?

bipolar poem

So… bi polar is our ‘thing’,
It has a certain ‘ring’,
It makes me mad,
It makes me sad,
But also makes me sing…

It makes me want to bleed,
..Mostly out of need,
So use a knife,
Improve my life,
…inside I’m still not freed.
I chase everyone away,
God forbid they ever stay.
Make a wife???
…I have no life…!!
Alone is the only way.

I found a group online,
Supporting lives like mine.
I have made new friends,
No bitter ends,
You all have all my time.

Without you in my life,
I wont make a decent wife.
I will use my knife,
And end my strife,
Reach things beyond our time.

For this hour I’m feeling cheery,
Had the urge to post this rhyme,
So far less of the dreary
I find u all sublime…
Bi polar, plus all the others,
= everything my life covers!..