The Night of Opportunity


بسم الله

She walks quietly to her kitchen and pulls out the coffee maker. As the rich smell of caffeine confuses the usual night-time smells, she pulls out her prayer carpet and her expensive perfume. The night awaits her and she is seeking forgiveness and the pleasure of her Lord.

It is Nusf Shaban.

An argument on Facebook, and comments on Twitter run through her mind and she shakes her head and thinks of Aisha (RA), who, when she asked the Prophet (SAW) of his long prostration (indeed she had feared the worst!), was told, “Do you know what night this is?”…” This is the night of Mid-Sha’ban. God looks at His servants on the night of Mid-Shaban and forgives those seeking forgiveness, has mercy on those seeking mercy, and leaves the bearers of grudges as they are.” [Bayhaqi]

She thinks of Ali (RA) who tells us that the Prophet…

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