Emotional Raincoat

When a comment starts to hurt me
and the hurt seems deep and long
I take out my Emotional Raincoat
and simply put it on.
It always fits me perfectly
do warm, so close, so snug
wrapping me in its coziness
like a firm, yet gentle, hug.
Protecting me from sadness
and anger that I may feel
chasing away all traces of it
leaving me completely healed.
Some days I wear it often
and some days not at all,
but it’s nice to know I have it
when worries come to call.
For, people can only hurt us
if we allow them to
’cause we have a strength more powerful
than hurtful people do.
So wear our Emotional Raincoat
proudly from time to time.
And if you haven’t got one
then, here, please borrow mine…

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