Free Fall into Despair and Depression

I thought I was on a level ground for the past month and a half or so I felt good only had a few days of mild depression then on the 8th woke up feeling depressed mildly with irritation then the next day my month friend arrives but she arrived a week and a half late and with her comes moderate depression when examining what has changed in the last little bit all I can find is small things lots of small things nothing big or life changing.

Thing number  1. is the weather it sucks it is hot but not dry hot it is hot and humid the sticky makes everyone cranky and drains all your life force hot getting wet only makes you feel worse .

Thing number 2 . I am bored as in I have nothing to do it’s to hot to walk outside in the day time and I ran out of yarn over a month and a half ago , don’t have any books to read and there’s no library in this town .


Thing number 3. my skin hurts it feels weird like scaly and so dry have put oil on it but then it burns and stings , sweat also makes it burn and sting then it itches like mad  , if I was back in USA I would just go to see a doctor and have them help me deal with it but here I just have to suffer and deal on my own best as I can , also my scalp is dry and flaky oil didn’t help and I am in such a hick town that there is no were to buy anti itch shampoo .


Thing number 4. I have to deal with teens and tweens trying to take over my computer which is not cool and makes me mad I don’t mind sharing but when one of them changes my password then tells me they didn’t it just makes me want to scream . Oh and then there’s my screaming whiny duo and the cranky teething baby