three word poem

I found a
a black cloud
full of rain
and lots of pain
I am falling
like the rain
and I can’t
handle the pain
so I shy
retreating to my
sad little happy
place I call
my beautiful wonderland
where everyone hears
my sad plee
but doesn;t listen
because they are
unable to understand
how full of
despair and angush
through thick and

thin forever and

ever they held
onto hope and

onto faith and
no matter how
bleak the situation
it was sad being

a little like

a grain of sand

glistening in the

very bright light

of a very
lost and dreaming
can’t stop screaming
as the wind
tore through howling
the written word
can be truth
besprent in knowledge
learning is power
a power unbeatable
ruling the world
a dark alley
in moonlit glow
the flowers grow
in a row

Then they go

 covered by snow


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