When people come to me for advice…

Al Muqarraboon

Bismillah WalHamdulillah

When people come to me for advice, I listen to the circumstances and the questions. Then I try to answer, I stumble at first. I usually do a bit of rambling, and Allahu 3lam if the advice-seeker benefits the least bit from my jumbled and rushed speech. (I hope to one day say all of this in past tense, ya3nee “I used to…”, so yes, I acknowledge this is not the sunnah of nasee7a, and am trying to change this and cultivate better methods within myself in sha Allah)

But you know, a couple of ayaat that would always take care of it for me? It’s like, you open up the Quran, turn to the page, and be like “Listen sister, please read this.” And after your failed attempt, you finally see clarity on her face, like YES, that’s what I needed to hear.

Which ayaat?

“…That is…

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