stuck in a strange land

I feel like crap , I have been sick since I have arrived with a sore throat stuffy nose then runny nose sore ears and been couching up gunk that’s yellow and my body aches it feels like I have a 40 pound weigh sitting on my chest I can’t sleep at night and my whole body aches  I am home sick and bored I want to go home but I am not able to so here I stay in a country where I am barely understood and feel like a idiot I can’t pronounce most of the words here my children know more arabic than I do how embarrassing  is that ?  My monthly friend is MIA and I do not sleep at night I watch dumb reruns I have seen to many times and my mood changes so often it’s like being on a mental roll coaster ride and I hate roll coasters they just leave you feeling sick and nauseated as well as exhausted Bipolar depression sucks and it sucks 1000 times more in a strange land since I’ve been here I haven’t been able to cook  anything.  Everything here is on super slow motion I mean breakfast doesn’t get served till 10 /1030 am and lunch is like 230/300 pm then dinner is like 10 10; 30 pm  , when my husband calls he doesn’t listen to me he talks with everyone else then he reads the internet and pretends to listen.