Bipolar Word Salad

I am an empty shell yet no one can tell , they cannot see this hell I am in . I can tell no one it is hard to describe I am just a empty shell.

My heart feels very heavy and tired all the time , I am battling depression and it is exhausting . I feel like a old cranky creaky lady there is only gloom and doom ! Why is my brain broken?

Depression…….well…..It’s weird …. is and isn’t here , Depression is sneaky!

I am blah today I feel off haven’t been sleeping well all I do is toss and turn I need to feel better.

I am Gone

I have no song

I feel sad and bad

I have been gone for so long


No one notices me

I am a shell of my former self

I am in hell

I suffer in silence

I want to scream but can’t

I don’t have any dreams it seems like I am just a shell get me out of this hell.

Depression is Blah it Sucks!

I have no song it has been so long gone

I have no voice it’s gone so long ago

I am just a shadow that no one sees

I am here for I don’t know why just alone am I.

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