In depression

Hello darkness in thee I am bound,

You are all around crowding out all the light .

I fight with all my might yet you steal all the delight.

Depression and darkness are close friends ,where one is the other isn’t far behind.

I feel like crying , I feel sad and tired and I have no reason to I get enough sleep well most people think I do.

What they don’t know is I spend most of the night tossing and turning trying to shut my brain off yes my brain is broken just racing and intrusive thoughts it is exhausting .

I have all these ideas and words swirling around but when I try and express them they get all jumbled up confused like word salad or word vomit none of it makes much sense .

I feel like I am adrift in a bubble where all I get is passing touches never much more than that no one can reach me this is what it feels like to live with depression . Depression hurts from the inside out it is a creeping slow silent pain and by the time you realize it it’s already hit you hard and sucked out all the bright all that is left is the dark and gloom along with doubt and sorrow and wordering if there will be a tomorrow.