Moroccan Landscape

Upon first glance Morocco appears to be a contradiction it appears to be abandoned and isolated yet there are people and noises everywhere. The buildings seem to have been built a century or two ago and all but forgotten .

On a drive through the country side and through the towns one can see this contradiction at it’s best just look at the building some are old and broken falling down others are old and well repaired and then there are the new ones the half built ones , it shows in the litter it is everywhere like someone has discarded it and forgot to come and place it in the garbage can .

People, cars donkeys and carts all use the streets willy nilly it’s a wonder there aren’t more accidents when we were driving to the house there were several near misses it’s a wonder that no one died just riding or walking .

The landscape is spares with trees and scrubs dotting the landscapes cactus’ the only ones I recognize are the good old prickly pear also there’s a type of spiky broad leaf thingy that grows sticks they are in Arizona a lot too