Fighting Bipolar

the fight goes on round one goes to depression round two goes to loneliness round three goes to me I feel like my life is all about fighting depression and loneliness¬† , I don’t feel like I am making any progress it’s like I go two steps forward and three steps back or maybe its four steps to the side .

No one realizes how hard it is to deal with bipolar some days all is good and well then other days it is hard so hard that it pains the whole body and the soul aches and hurts it doesn;t matter how much you pray and excise and take your medications bipolar is like living with a huge heavy weight sometimes it’s at bay other times it just smacks you down out of no were , some people fight and fight and still lose others just give up and quit .

When will I not have to fight and fight my life feels like I live in a world of gray like someone sucked all the color and joy out of life