all the things never said ……………………open letter to my deceased best friend

All the things I never got to say are sitting here in my head

I can’t say them to you because you are now dead

there is no use wishing I could go back and tell you all that’s swirling around in my head.

I pray Allah that you find peace and Jannah

I want to says these things in my head so here goes

I love you were my best friend

We were kindred spirits forging ahead no one really understood us but we could sit for hours and not have to share every thought that popped into our heads

we knew when one and other needed an ear a shoulder or both ,

we laughed together at the good times

we cried together through the bad times

we were each others rocks

we were best friends and we knew that was what we needed

I miss you

I just wanted to say sorry if I ever caused you any pain

I’m sorry you died alone I feel bad about not knowing you were as sick as you were.

I can’t turn back the clocks of time there is no rewind in life it just keeps marching on …………………………………………………………….

I am glade we got to walk on the road of time together even if it was just a short while .

I sorry if I messed up in getting your will stuff straightened out it just wasn’t and isn’t easy .

I did keep the promise that you would be buried Islamicly , I made sure all the islamic stuff found a new home

I miss your laughter and talking , I even miss the times we shared in tears we had good times we had happy times we had bad times and sad times

You were my best friend I miss you and will pray for you

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