Cold but clear day

Today was cold but clear so after baby girl and little man napped ( while they napped I washed and folded the laundry as well as did other household chores )

Then after children had a snack we went to the park little man riding in his back pack carrier and baby girl walking with her baby doll that I just got all clean .

At the park I chased baby girl around while she ran and ran and kicked her ball we stayed outside until it got to cold and dark then we went into the library and I picked up my holds got some books for baby girl and little man then we went and walked home now it is pitch black I mean what happened to all the street lights it seems the city has turned them all off . Got home and tried to feed baby girl she refused dinner threw a huge melt down and went to bed with a cup of warm milk . I have been posting poems on my blog it will be a while before they are all up I have put the year they were wrote in if I can remember it well that’s all for now I’m off to a hot bath

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