Cost of toddler temper tantrums

Yesterday was a huge busy day my husband was off so he was home all day and kept telling me how to do my housework which irradiated me to no end I don’t follow him around and tell him how to do his job .

After breakfast we went to the mall (his idea) and went shoe shopping for a toddler 50.00 for shoes yikes ………………………………

Then we took the children to the indoor play ground little man had fun but big girl well she just freaked out it was like sensory overload and she went running every which way and climbing up on everything plus she started hitting other children who wouldn’t get out of her way but the worst part was when we let she came unglued and laid on the floor screaming bloody murder and everyone in the mall was looking at us   , My husband just wanted to give in to big girl’s temper tantrums but I didn’t allow it because it would just make the next one 100 times worse.

I just strapped her into her stroller and wheeled her out of the mall while she was screaming and thrashing around , I just ignored the stares of the other people, little man was in a ergo type carrier on my back asleep as it was his nap time , he is such a calm quite baby and just goes with the flow , the contrast between the two children is huge big girl is always on the go from the crack of dawn until she crashed at bedtime she will try and fight going to sleep . Little man will wake and sleep on a schedule he has been this way since he was born .

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