Winter boredom

I dislike winter boredom it sets in quickly but takes forever to leave …………………………………

Today was a so-so day not a lot of traffic to and from work which was good job was pretty easy this week yes that’s right I work about once a week cleaning a house for a elderly friend of mine the state pays me .

I dislike the bull chap holiday adds who cares if a store is having a sale they are just trying to make money can’t watch tv because all the adds are driving me up the wall.

Yesterday just about went crazy from being cooped up in the house so I baked a pie and my hubby got upset because I baked the wrong kind of pie well how was I suppose to know he wanted just plain old apple pie and not dutch apple pie he just said make that apple pie you made last time ( last time I made a apple pie it was dutch apple with the crumble mix on top ) I had to scrape off the crumble mix just to make him happy.

Baby girl and little man are going stair crazy due to the cold weather and not being able to play outside hubby went crazy yesterday because he had the whole day off he spent most of it telling me how to do the everyday chores I normally do which just wants to make me scream but instead I just nod my head and do the chores the way I want to do them just as long as the chores are done and done right is my mode .

I need to vent and write I feel like I am slipping into the fog of depression my depression is always worse when the weather is cold cloudy and dark I have had depression since I was a child only when I was young no one talked about it they just said it was one of my moods , All I remember of my moods as a child was sad , lonely and then the black gray fog mood that was the worst it was the one where I would just lay in bed and cry .

I guess I should give everyone a bit of background on my life so they will know where I am coming from …………………………………………………….

Well that will be my next post inshaallah I will provide a bit of background about me


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