hard day

today was a hard day for me everything hurt and the weather was cold wet windy and cloudy rainy outside both of the babies are fussy due to not being able to go outside little man is teething and not sleeping and baby girl is getting her back teeth the 2 year molars……………………………………….My head ache is worse today am going to try a very hot shower

First post

As Salam Alikum

Here is my first post to a blog ever I will inshaallah be using this blog to help me fight my depression .

Depression is a very hard illness to live with and a lot of people just don’t understand how to deal with someone who has major depression disorders , sometimes your medications will be working fine one minute then the next day bam the depression strikes and you feel so low like your stuck in a deep dark well surrounded in a deep dark thick fog that just creeps all over¬†everything¬†and nothing will bring you joy every single thing is just like a huge chore and getting out of bed is a huge struggle……….well this is my first post will be writing more soon inshaallah